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Creación de Sociedades en Costa Rica
Here you will find the information you need to incorporate in Panama. Fell free to contact our professionals about the information you need!    


Offshore Panamanian Corporations:

Panamanian Mercantile Regulations:

The anonymity of the shareholders of a Panamanian Corporation is an essential condition that makes this vehicle so appealing to foreign investors. The only legal way to disclose the shareholders of a Panamanian company is if the company is involved in money laundering, a procedure that is in compliance with international anti-money-laundering standards.

Free Trade zone:

The Colon Free Zone was established in 1948 and it is the second largest Free Zone in the world, next to Hong Kong. The Free Zone is located in the city of Colon at the Atlantic entrance to the canal, and has been extremely successful – more than 1,000 companies are established there, shipping more than $9 Billion of goods annually.
Location is one of the main keys to the enormous success of the Colon Free Zone. Its proximity to the markets of the Pacific, to North America and its relative proximity to Europe make it an ideal hub in this age of globalization of the world’s economy.
To this end the Zone is constantly reconstructing and modernizing warehouse, shipping and transit systems for all types of merchandise, keeping one step ahead of modern technology and always ready to offer the best multimodal services.

Incorporation Price: USD$1200 (nominee directors and resident agent are included for the first year)

The given price includes the costs of registration, legal and notary fees, apostille, shipping by courier, first year of flat rate.
Each Panamanian Corporation Purchase includes the following legal documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation in Spanish with Apostille
  • Certified and Apostilled translation to English of the Articles of Incorporation
  • One General Power of Attorney in English (with Apostille if we provide the Directors)
  • Extract from the Public Registry with Apostille (serves as certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing and certificate of incorporation)
  • Certified and Apostilled translation to English of the Extract
  • Nominee directors
  • Registered agent/office
  • Share certificates issued per your instructions
  • Share register form
  • First Minutes of the Board
  • Pre-signed undated resignation letters from the nominee directors
  • Two (2) subscription transfers signed by the subscribers of the Articles of Incorporation

*Kindly note that we do not charge nominee directors or resident agent services for the first year, but we do provide the service.


The first step to create a new corporation is to check the name you expect to use in your Company. This is so because we need to verify if the name or names can be used in Panama and it cannot be similar to another existing company.

Please send us some options of the proposed name you want to check availability in order of priority and your contact information and our staff will contact you soon:


Renewal Fee:

From the second year our fees are US$700.00. This fee includes nominee directors, resident agent, annual government fee, extract from the Public Registry with Apostille (serves as certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing and certificate of incorporation), certified and Apostilled translation to English of the Extract, two (2) general powers of attorney in English (one with Apostille) plus shipping by DHL, TNT or FEDEX.

Incorporation Requisites:

In order to incorporate in Panama, we will require the following information of at least three directors:
1. Full name
2. Marital Status
3. Occupation
4. Street address
5. Passport number

Incorporation Data:
1. Quantity of Shares to be issued.
2. Quantity of Share Certificates to be issued, and if they are going to be nominative or bearer.
3. Domicile of the corporation.
4. Please specify if Apostille documents are going to be needed.


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