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Creación de Sociedades en Costa Rica  

Total Cost of Company Registration (no extra fee will be charged except for additional services):
USD$ 800+Shipping







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Create a New Corporation in Costa Rica

Create a New Association in Costa Rica

Registration of Branches of Foreign Companies in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican branch is a proper legal entity once registered with the company registrar in Costa Rica. A Costa Rican branch is considered an extension of the foreign company and not as a separate legal entity. Unlike a Costa Rican corporation, the parent company of a branch office entity is implicitly liable for all the debts and liabilities of the branch office.

Once it is registered in Costa Rica, the branch receives a legal identification number in the country which allows you to bill to the clients or to make any legal diligence with public or private institutions.
It is necessary to meet a number of requirements and the creation of minutes from the parent branch and approving the registration of the branch and the appointing of a Representative. All documents must be apostilled to be used in Costa Rica. The representative must appear before our notary in order to sign the deed of establishment of the branch and to accept his position.


  • a. Name and personal details of the parent company's representative, the name, address, stock capital, term or duration of the company as well as the full name of its representatives or administrators. (Art. 226 Paragraph b) of the Commerce Code).

  • b. The object and stock capital of the branch, which must necessarily be expressed in national currency. (Art. 226 paragraph a) C. Commerce). This is done by agreement of the partners of the parent company.

  • c. The appointment of a representative who will head the branch, indicating his or her personal details. (Art. 226 C. of the Commerce Code).). Details of the person to be appointed: full name, passport number or identification number, the exact address of residence, occupation and marital status.

  • d. It should be specifically stated that the representative and the branch expressly waive his home laws and subjected to the laws and courts of Costa Rica, as to the acts and contracts entered into or to be implemented in the country. (Art. 226 paragraph c) of the Commerce Code).). This is included in the text of the branch.

  • e. Certification or Evidence that the grantor has enough power for this act and that the parent company is incorporated and licensed under the laws of its jurisdiction.(Art. 226 C. Trade). This document must be apostilled or legalized by the Consulate of Costa Rica in the country to produce legal effects in Costa Rica.

  • f. The representative must expressly accept the power in the act of incorporation of the branch. (Art. 226 C. of the Commerce Code).

  • g. If the appointed Representative is not domiciled in Costa Rica, It must appoint a resident agent. (Art. 18 paragraph 13) and 232 C. of the Commerce Code). The resident agent will be provided by our office.

  • h. There must be a resolution at a meeting of members of the Parent branch approving the creation of the branch with the aforementioned data. Should be approved the creation of the branch, the object and proposed stock capital, the appointment of the representative, etc.

Total Cost of Company Creation (no extra fee will be charged except for additional services): USD$ 800+Shipping if required

Shipping: (Depends on the method, country, and place of delivery).

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